Finding Balance



I am a true believer in finding the balance and harmony that works best for you in your life.  As a health and fertility coach my clients are constantly being bombarded by information regarding what works and doesn’t work in regard to getting pregnant. What usually comes after the black hole of researching via “Dr. Google” is guilt around what you must be doing (or not doing) to prevent that much desired baby from finally arriving in your life. 


“It must be the stress!” you say.  “I am stressed because I can’t get pregnant, and so it’s not happening – that must be it!”

“I’m not eating 100% organic! I ate a non-organic apple today and now I can’t get pregnant!”

“Today a used plastic container – BPA – that’s the reason! My lipstick has lead in it! I didn’t stand on my head for 20 minutes after we tried during my fertile window! I’m not thinking positive enough!”




I’m in the business of guiding women through all this muck and mire.  We start by focusing on what you can control.  One thing I can’t stand above all else in my field of wellness practitioners is fear mongering.  It’s everywhere.  It’s loud and it makes us doubt ourselves . No one can tell you that if you “this ONE thing” it will change everything.  Love yourself enough to trust your instincts. 


I will support you through making small do-able lifestyle modifications that will make a big difference for your fertility and your life.  There is so much that is possible, no matter what your age or diagnosis, to create the family you desire.  If you need some support deciphering all mixed messages that are out there – feel free to contact me for a free consultation to see how we can get you on the right path to pregnancy…




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