My Story

For many years I have used my background in health promotion, education, nutrition and holistic health counseling to guide others to create happy, healthy lives for themselves.  One group that has always been close to my heart is women who are on a journey towards creating a family.  During my own fertility roller coaster I was introduced to a world that I previously didn’t know existed.

Infertility is not usually spoken about in everyday conversation, so I entered into my own “baby mission” with excitement and anticipation of what I thought would be an easy path.

  • Throw away the birth control pills…and.. GO!

  • Time goes on, nothing happens, still excited, but more serious about timing, ovulation, and “getting it right”.

  • Still nothing.

  • Fertility testing starts, nothing is found to be wrong, and hope returns.

  • Back at it, more time passes, and we reached the next step: “IUI” (Intrauterine insemination).

  • 3 IUIs later still nothing.

This is when the excitement leaves, and the obsession begins.  I entered that black hole of internet research where you “just know” that you will find something that will be the ticket to getting you pregnant.  Never mind the fact that I had already graduated as a certified Health Counselor was eating kale like nobody’s business and treating my body like a “fertility temple”.

Next logical (and expensive, and all consuming….) step was IVF.

3 IVFs and 2 fertility clinics later I was an expert in injecting myself with fertility meds, and making early morning, before work “monitoring” (blood work and follicle count) appointments (not quite as fun as they sound).

I also became excellent at masking my incredible heartache at each failed attempt.  I couldn’t believe that IVF, the “gold standard” in baby making was not working for me.  What was wrong with me?

My saving grace was the incredible community of women I found online and in person through support groups. These women were some of the most interesting, funny, and most of all strongest women I’ve ever met. Infertility is so isolating you need to find others who are going through (or have been through) the same thing so as to not feel so alone.


This story does have a happy ending,  if you are wondering.  

Health and Fertility Coach


Fast forward to my 4th IVF at a new clinic (after being told by my last RE that I had less than 5% chance of getting pregnant) with an entirely new protocol and a doctor that had hope and was willing to think outside the box.  This one miraculously created my now 4-year-old son.  I sometimes still look at him like I can’t believe he’s here and I’m his mom.  Another amazing fact is that each and every woman from my online and in person support groups also became mothers!


So, that’s my story.


Now I want to explain what makes me stand apart from other Fertility and Health coaches:

  • Not only have I “been there”, but I have been on both the Eastern and Western paths to pregnancy.  Many counselors are of one school or the other.  Meaning – they either all about nutrition, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and mind-body connection OR they will guide you through your IUI or IVF cycles with expertise.  I will meet you where you are and we will go from there.

  • If you are at the beginning of your journey and want to be coached with nutritional recommendations, mind body techniques, help with charting and timing I am happy to meet with you.  As a Fertility and Health Coach I have all the tools to make our meetings productive and even fun.

  • If you have already met with a Reproductive Endocrinologist and are embarking on your first adventures in ART (advanced reproductive technology), we can discuss ways to optimize and enhance each cycle.  I will be your guide through the emotional ups and downs of the fertility roller coaster.  We can discuss at what point it makes sense to take next steps through the process, all depending on your specific needs and comfort level.

  • Let’s be real, infertility truly an all-encompassing challenge. There are many times when discussing the emotional roller-coaster of the process is just as – if not more important than all the techniques and strategies in the world.


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